About this thing

It's virtual reality experience, but the only objective is to explore and listen. Think of it like an interactive music video. I'm honestly not sure how best to describe it, so if you have a better idea, tweet me @jittercub.

I'm a musician / producer / developer / artist kind of person named Peter Adams. I've released a handful of albums under that name which you can check out here, and I wanted to try something new. I'm not performing anymore but I still wanted some way for people to connect to my music more than just a stream on Spotify.

Each 6-8 weeks I'll (try to) release a new single and a new level to explore.

Lots of inspiration from early computer animation, endless museums, video stores, summer dreams, carpeted dens, the excitement of waking up on a Saturday morning, and the inexplicable dread of being alive.

You can support me by buying music on Bandcamp or donating on Buy me a Coffee!


This website was made with threejs and Vite. Much knowledge was imparted by three.js journey. I used Blender for 3D modeling. The music was made with Ableton Live. I used Tone.js to sync everything up.